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About Us



Our customers discover Franco Bicycles sometimes knowing what they want, but usually knowing what they do not want. They want a complete bike with the parts they like and need. They don’t want the hassle of having to upgrade and continually make changes. We found ourselves within this status quo and realized the simple solution: we deserve the freedom to have the bike we want. We create fast and beautiful bikes, individually customized for each rider with the right parts to achieve their dreams.

It seemed crazy to change the way bikes are sold in the modern era. Crazier still, this worked and Franco Bicycles was born. Here at Franco our customers get the bike they love, with the parts they want, to tackle any goal they put their mind to. Truly, there are few things more exciting than a new bike. We want to share that excitement with you and hope it’s reflected in everything we do.


We're not former pro racers that decided to make bikes (except Hector, he’s pro). We just love bikes. Since the first time clipping into a pedal, to our first race, our appreciation for bikes keeps growing. We are still excited about setting new best times on local climbs, testing the latest technology, and chatting about bikes.

This obsession is what links our team together. We are a group of guys who got wrapped up in the joy of getting outside and having fun on our bikes. Though we’re not former pro racers, we still get to ride bikes for a living. Give us a call, stop by for a ride and stay to chat about bikes. We’d love to meet you.


What We Care About


Rally Racing to Paris-Roubaix to Moto GP, we’re about it.


Every ride needs to end with food, preferably in threes.

Coffee Keeps us Going

We ride strong, but like to keep our coffee stronger.

Currently Listening To

Kendrick Lamar, Bill Withers, Migos, and Keys N Krates on deck.



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