First Impression: Ultegra 8000

The cycling world is buzzing with Shimano’s latest release of their Ultegra 8000. In the same way that Dura-Ace 9100 completely trounced its predecessor, according to the initial data, Ultegra 8000 is set to do the same to its predecessor. With this in mind, we decided to gather the data and answer the two big questions we get: What are the key differences between Ultegra 6700 and 8000? Is Dura-Ace really worth the extra investment.

Ultegra 8000 vs Ultegra 6800

    • 8000 has a stiffer, wider, and lighter crank arm than 6800.

    • 8000 has better ergonomics on shifters.

    • 8000 now an accepts 11-34 cassette.

    • 8000 brake calipers now allow 28c tire clearance.

      Overall: 8000 carries the revamped aesthetic of Dura-Ace 9100 with unprecedented versatility compared to Ultegra 6700. Ultegra 8000 wins before it ever gets mounted on a bike.

      Ultegra 8000 vs Dura-Ace 9100

        • Dura-Ace 300g lighter than 8000.

        • Dura-Ace has more powerful brakes.

        • Dura-Ace has carbon rear derailleur cages/ 8000 has alloy rear derailleur cages.

          Overall: Ultegra 8000 carries many of the performance upgrades of Dura-Ace 9100, but loses in the game of marginal gains. If you want to be fast 8000 is a solid bet, if you want to be the fastest 9100 is the best bet.

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