Things We're Digging This Week: Rallycross to Siesmic World Cup Celebrations

Things We're Digging This Week

We've compiled a list of awesome content from the world of cycling, racing, and design, plus motivational, inspirational, and just outright interesting stories we think you'll enjoy!

SoCal Crit Racing - Bahati Racing Lesson

Rashaan Bahati takes us on board in one of the fastest and most exciting crits in California. See what it took to get the win!

Porsche Design

Watch Porsche designers break down their thought process as they worked through the striking Panamera model. Porsche is known for its incredible automotive design and fidelity to its iconic design, which has inspired millions of creators, including us at Franco Bikes. #creatorsareheroes

Rossi vs Stoner

Motorcycle racing has a special place in our hearts. The competitiveness, the skill, and the two-wheeled battles gives us goosebumps. Relive one of our favorite MotoGP races, with Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner at Laguna Seca in 2008.

Rallycross: It's Like Racing Gravel Bikes

There's only one way to describe Rallycross: wild. We absolutely love the mixed-terrain racing, the massive dirt drifts, and crazy jumps. These are, essentially, the Grimes R1 of the auto-racing world.

Mexico's Seismic Celebration

In what is widely regarded as the biggest upset to date at this World Cup, Mexico overcame the odds and beat the defending champions, Germany, in their opening game. Their fan base was so lively there was an "artificial earthquake" that registered on seismic sensors during the defining goal.


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