Things We're Digging This Week: Rivet Raid - Evolution of the Bicycle

Things We're Digging This Week

We've compiled a list of awesome content from the world of cycling, racing, and design, plus motivational, inspirational, and just outright interesting stories we think you'll enjoy!


The 2nd Annual Rivet Raid

On 7/21/18, our good friend Bjorn has made the question "Are you savage?" into a physical entity by creating a 70 mile/7,200 ft ride with a mix of asphalt and gravel. This is the Southern California ride you don't want to miss. We'll be there riding and supporting The Rivet Raid, join us!

Dirty Kanza

The epic 206 mile gravel race took place this past weekend in Kansas featuring some of the grittiest racers in the country! None showed more grit than former-pro Ted King as he went solo for the last 40 miles to secure his victory for the second time.


ENVE G Series

Speaking of gravel, ENVE just dropped their new gravel specific rims featuring pinch-flat resistant technology, 700c and 650b options, and a tough, but lightweight design. Gravel may never be the same! If you're looking at a new Grimes R1, this wheelset should be one to consider!

Evolution of the Bicycle

This entertaining short video cleverly shows how the bike has changed over the years, starting from a simple wooden design to the complex machine that has inspired Franco's design!

Top 5 Sure Signs You're a Road Cyclist

Finally, we can put this issue to rest. Here's undeniable proof that we at Franco Bikes are, in fact, road cyclists. Case closed.


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