Looking Forward in 2021

In 2020 we all spent a large portion of our mental bandwidth navigating a series of situations that were largely beyond our control and trying to keep our respective ships afloat in the choppy waters. When those conditions settle down a little you have a new appreciation for the ability to look ahead and plan. That’s what we spent the early part of ‘21 doing here and it’s led us to a number of forward-looking decisions:

1. The path to the right products is just as interesting as the products themselves and often help give context. We want to show this process. H&M has one of the most comprehensive statements highlighting their path to product development in the context of the ethical goals of the company.

In a recent blog post Hector gave us an insight into his design process -- solving problems to create products we need.

2. The ways in which people protect and grow their wealth is changing. We watched with keen interest as friends, customers and peers have begun to think about money and banking differently than previous generations. We want to include some of this thinking in our path forward as a company as well. That’s why we’ve begun accepting certain forms of cryptocurrencies as payments. We figured that if the NBA is getting into the blockchain business, that’s probably as good a signal as any that crypto is here to stay. 

3. Let’s talk about electric bikes as a key part of transportation moving forward. Let’s face it, as bike aesthetes we’ve fundamentally got some issues with e-bikes. Does it diminish the work of those who put in the time to be fast? Does it even respect the aero imperatives at all? But we’re looking forward. Riding an e-bike doesn’t really compete in the same category as pedal bikes, we see it competing and making a lot of sense in the area of cars. And we’re all about making that area a little more humanizing and efficacious for the users. We spent a lot of time riding e-bikes last year and it changed our mindset and mental frame on what these things are for and how they can positively impact a parts of our lives which weren’t all together pleasant .. namely commuting and running errands.

We’ll keep the car for long hauls, but we’re about to leaving short car trips with e-bikes.   

If you need another reason to think e-bikes, explore the studies showing the physical, mental and cognitive benefits, especially for older people -- why not feel young again!

2020 was a year of significant change and with obstacles and challenges, comes opportunity. 2021 is our year of shifting the narrative and decision making process.

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