Gravel's Prolific Rise + Black Friday 2018

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Gravel bikes, you’re either riding one or have friends talking non-stop about riding one. Gravel segments are becoming a standard part of group rides and organized events, the largest of which attract thousands of riders and their gravel steeds. Events like Grinduro and Dirty Kanza continue attracting the national crowds. The 200 mile Dirty Kanza, which featured all of 34 participants in 2006, had north of 2,200 participants in 2017. Locally, the Rivet Raid and the Daydream Series are attracting more and more riders looking to get their gravel fix. Even the PRO ranks are starting to embrace the gravel movement.


The upcoming 2019 Tour de France is rumored to have major summit finishes up gravel roads, joining the ranks of Strade Bianche who also feature long stretches of gravel. This, however, is not professional cycling’s first foray into gravel. This is more like a resurgence or renaissance of dirt. This pursuit of gravel roads hearkens back to the roots of the Tour de France, where in the 1930s, gravel sections of road where normal, like the pre-paved summit of the Col du Galibier on Stage 7 of the 1935 Tour.

1930s TdF

Why after more than seventy years are we seeing a return to gravel and a love of gravel bikes? There are three reasons we can think of: versatility, peace of mind, and a rekindled search for fun on the bike.

Seafoam Green Grimes R1 Dirt

Versatility. A road bike for the dirt; by design, a gravel bike is built for versatility. Unlike road bikes, which are built specifically for the tarmac, gravel bikes allow for a cyclist to ride a vast range of terrains. With this wide array of riding types in mind, our friend Neil Shirley, a former US Continental Pro and arguably one of the patron saints of gravel, created a system to classify the various types of gravel rides.

So how is a gravel bike able to tackle all of these types of rides? It comes down to the geometry of the frame, component selection, disc brakes, and of course, tires.

The geometry of a gravel bike is typically defined by a longer, more stable wheelbase and a more endurance-oriented geometry. It’s a versatile foundation to hang parts on.

The components spec’d for a gravel bike are chosen for their benefits on the road/dirt and topography of the routes: flared out bars, 1x or 2x drivetrains with cassettes featuring a wide range of gears. Hydraulic disc brakes (a liquid-based braking system very similar to a car’s braking system) allow for greater braking power with less effort on the hands. This is ideal because this assuages the total effort of the hands, considering all the bumps and vibrations that are coped with over the various levels of gravel. The largest impact, however, is the rim size and tire tread combinations gravel bikes allow.

 Our gravel bike, the Grimes R1, features clearance for up to 2.1” knobbys on a set of 650b wheels. That’s a lot of rubber. You can run your Grimes with a set of road wheels and 28c tires or go with bigger tread if the ride calls for it. More on this later.


Peace of Mind. Gravel bikes are highly capable road bikes, so traveling and exploring secret “groads” becomes an easy task. Simply roll out your front door and find that any road on any terrain is accessible. Today you can choose to ride on the paved roads we share with cars, reaching the high speeds that road cyclists love. Tomorrow you can get away from all the busy roads and instead explore those roads that head away from civilization. The choice is yours and having that freedom feels awesome.

Seafoam Green Grimes R1

Finding Fun. Road bikes are awesome. As a company that was built on road bikes, we are passionate about pavement and all things road: the conquering of mountains, the blazing descents, the group rides, the training, the racing. At the same time, we’re in love with the coffee stops and the burrito rides; we enjoy the times when riding is not about getting faster, but about enjoying the joys two wheels bring.

We’ll be the first to admit it, road bikes have gotten serious–power meters, Formula 1 level wheels, wireless electronic shifting, rides measured in watts. We love all of this, but we also know the slope is slippery and all of this can become a chore if it becomes all-encompassing. Gravel has been a welcome respite from performance at all costs. Fun and adventure move to the forefront.

In summary, if you haven’t tried it yet, we think you’ll love the world of gravel. If you’re a roadie, like us, you’ll find yourself taking turns on roads you’ve never ridden before and seeking out dirt to enjoy. Silent roads will traverse different terrains until no cars fill your horizon. And if the urge to hit the asphalt calls, then put a set of 28c on your bike and you have a very capable road bike. It’s with this thought in mind, that we put together a Black Friday bundle:

One Grimes, Two Wheelsets, Four Amazing Prices


To be able to have the full range of riding capabilities, equipping your gravel bike with both a 700c and a 650b wheelset is the way to go. By having one bike and two wheelsets at your disposal, both with tires mounted and cassettes/rotors installed, swapping wheels is a snap. In one minute, you’ll turn your bike from a road machine to a gravel grinder. All that is left is following your bliss on the open road. Ride with friends on mixed-terrain routes away from the bustle of busy streets. Reclaim your sense of adventure! Enjoy the limitless roads that are available to you and your faithful bike.

Deal starts 11/19/18 through 11/23/18!

The base build is as follows:

Frameset: Grimes R1, Whisky No. 9 CX Carbon Fork, FSA Orbit Headset

Drivetrain: Choice of SRAM Force 1 or Force 22 (non hydraulic)

Components: Zipp Service Course Handlebar, Stem and Post, PRO Saddle

Choose your pair of wheelsets (including 2 wheelsets, 2 sets of tires, 2 rotors and 2 cassettes):

Black Friday Wheel Packages

Grimes + FSA NSX: MSRP $5185 / BLACK FRIDAY: $3985

700c + Donelly X’Plor MSO 32c   /   650b + WTB Byway 47c

Grimes + HED Ardennes SL Disc: MSRP $6385 / BLACK FRIDAY: $4985

700c + Donelly X’Plor MSO 32c   /   650b + WTB Byway 47c

Grimes + Custom Whisky 30D DT350: MSRP $7185 / BLACK FRIDAY: $5985

700c + Donelly X’Plor MSO 32c   /   650b + WTB Byway 47c

Grimes + Enve G-Series DT 240: MSRP $9585 / BLACK FRIDAY: $7985

700c + Donelly X’Plor MSO 32c   /   650b + WTB Byway 47c

Grimes stock is limited, so contact us to ensure you get your “go anywhere” setup!

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