Teravail Washburn 700 x 38c - Product Review

Product Details

Item: Teravail Washburn
Size: 700 x 38c
Actual Width: TBD
Weight: 567 grams
Setup: Tubeless
Wheel: 25mm internal rim width
PSI: 40psi to start

Rider Info

Rider: Review by Clinton H
Bike: Grimes Carbon with SRAM Force AXS 1x


Santa Monica Mountains


Well the first test ride was a pretty awesome route to test these tires: road, single track, fire road, gravel, a steep fire road climb, and a long winding fire road descent.

Overall initial impression ... pretty bitchin rubber! They look like the tire you always talk about designing with with your gravel posse ... as you move outward from the flat road strip the tread get progressively more aggressive so you can really hit the dirt with confidence but not feeling the drag of too much knobage.

The rubber feels supple and the sidewalls were firm enough to stand up to some pretty rocky sections on the single track. I was able to descend Overlook with confidence and make the sweeping turns at high speed without feeling like I was over-extending myself. 

They are light enough and provide ample traction to be a good tire for long dirt heavy gravel race... I will definitely consider rolling the 38mm Teravail Washburn at Rock Cobbler in February.

I would recommend these to anyone who wants a fast low profile tire that still offers plenty traction in the dirt.

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