Friday Update

This week was a busy one, so just getting to the newsletter. Not going long today, but still wanted to shoot over a few exciting things.

We had the first Repsol paint sample arrive to approve colors/design before going forward with the batch. Also because we're going to end up building it and taking it to Road Bike Action for a photoshoot on Monday.

It's in the running as a cover bike for their upcoming gravel issue. Crossing our fingers, on both hands.

I'm also going to do the RBA lunch ride and get crushed, but that's another story.

One More Day for Repsol

Repsol Edition Grimes. No upcharge cost (normally $500 or so). A deposit locks it down.

Hit button below to select a build to get started or just reply to us here!

Get it going!



People Seem to Like Custom Paint... Check Out The Promo Below From Last Week. Also Ends Tomorrow.


I Don't Know Why I'm Doing This!

Some of you know my love/hate relationship with custom paint. I swore it off. 2019-20 and beyond, stock paint (Seafoam Green, Team Blue, Out There Black) and limited editions (Repsol) only. 

But it's a leap year, and February 29th only comes around once every four years. About as often as I want to do something like this...

On February 29th, I'll do custom paint on any new Grimes orders. And it's a Saturday that day, so I'll hopefully be riding and relaxing, so hit me up before then if you want to lock one in.

This is my logistics team right now:

This is me:

Disclaimer: It's limited to same graphic scheme, but your choice of colors and finishes. And it will take a while. Custom paint takes time. Wanna talk paint?

Here are some examples of some of the custom paint options you guys wanted to see mocked up (from our Instagram Stories). 


Have a great weekend!

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