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Why Race?


Why race? What’s the point? Why do we subject ourselves to all the hardships, the sacrifices, and the consistency it takes to be competitive? Why risk everything for a slim chance at glory that is only truly understood within a small segment of cycling? Racers invest their body, their time, and every ounce of energy to have a chance at achieving relevance in the sport. Yet, if they do finally achieve that something, was it worth it or will it feel fleeting? If we base our value on our successes, are we then less valuable when we under-perform?

Our gut tells us there's more to it than glory.

If you are truly dedicated, cycling is selfish. If your training, food plan, and recovery isn't the first thing on your mind–you will fail, let's not dance around it. Why put yourself and those who love you through that emotional strain? Why is it that most of the time your loved ones will give you the support you need?

It can't all be selfish either.

The other thing they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t get easier, ever. Ever. It's soul crushing because there will always be someone faster. You may have heard that before, but when you train harder for more hours than you ever have and get trounced–you will completely understand.

So why do we race?

In an effort to answer these questions, Franco Bicycles will be showcasing riders from our two Franco Factory Racing squads to hopefully find some answers over the next year.  

FFR Galen


The Squads


California: Franco Factory Racing p/b E.K. DDS

Members: Jonathan Perez, Michael Schanafelt, Jeffrey Cadwell, Michael Hatton, Galen Burk

Chicago: Franco Factory Racing p/b BrightLeaf Homes

Members: Rob Hocking, Tim Strelecki, Ty Kurth, Gareth Reeves


FFR Supporters

The Supporters


As the year rolls on, we will be highlighting the people that make it possible for Franco Factory Racing to exist.

In the meantime, a special thank you to Ean Kleiger DDS, BrightLeaf Homes, Jakroo, Cannon Constructors, Topical Edge, Kask, Clif, Koo, Stevon Lewis and SRAM for support.

It’s gonna be a wild ride! Make sure to keep up with the racers by following us on Instagram! 

Written by: Jonathan Perez

Tags: Franco Factory Racing. Team Launch.

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    Garrett Reel

    May 16, 2018 at 13:31

    Rad! Well written, looking forward to more.


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