Bikes and Bitcoin

Bikes and Bitcoin

Hey all,

Excited to announce we've added a new payment method to our website. Aside from Apple Pay, Shop Pay and PayPal, you can now purchase your Grimes, Gazelle eBike or any other Goods on our site with Bitcoin!

Around here, we relate to Bitcoin (and blockchain tech) for a lot of reasons - rethinking problems as new technology becomes available, the transparency, the messiness of it all happening in real time for everyone to see. It's exciting. We almost offered it up as a payment method back in 2017-18 but alas, we got caught up in the day to day business of making and delivering bikes.

As of this post, Bitcoin is sitting at about $47k a coin. So for about 12% of a Bitcoin, you can get yourself a new Grimes with Force eTap. Had you purchased it on Sunday, it would have only cost you 10% of a Bitcoin :)

Checkout with Coinbase

We (and cryptocurrency as a whole) still have some work to do to make the checkout experience as easy as USD, but for now, you'll see the Bitcoin checkcout option via CoinBase when you checkout. If you have any trouble with it, just let us know.

First BTC purchase gets a Bourbon Bottle and more importantly, the knowledge that you were our first BTC purchase and helped us do our part to push this new technology forward!



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